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November 6, 2018

Men and Fashion: Why It Should Never Be Apart

People automatically assume that men who are into fashion are gay. While there is a high percentage of gay people who are into the fashion industry, there are still straight men who like it as well. Just because a guy is interested in fashion doesn’t mean he’s also into the same gender. Remember, fashion has no gender so let’s be open-minded!

All men think about what they should where for certain occasions. They consider the type of clothes they wear, what shoes would go with the outfit, what Sorrento Sunwear shades to wear, and so on and so forth. Yes, in reality, men also take their time with deciding what clothes to wear, they can also change their outfits multiple times but end up with the first outfit they tried on.

It shouldn’t be baffling for people that men think about what they will wear, because after all, they also know the importance of their appearance especially if they will be meeting someone important. We should never disconnect men from fashion, nor should we only connect them to “manly” things.

Fashion is for everyone and gender should stop anyone from choosing what they wear, or being concerned with what they look like. We all want to be presentable, and it’s impossible to achieve without fashion.

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